CIPEL BALTIKA - your best choice for furs dressing

About us

Pramones str. 13,
LT - 70177 Vilkaviskis,
Tel.: +370 342 52767
Faks.: +370 342 20661
Mob.: +370 686 55602

JSC "CIPEL Baltika" is fur processing company in Lithuania. "CIPEL Baltika" purpose is to ensure high quality fur dressing service.


In this case we can offer You dressing service for any furs: minks, foxes, all kind of wild fur. Technology used in the fur dressing exists for more than 130 years and fur processing is known as one of the best in Europe. We guarantee the quality and durability of dressed skins.“CIPEL Baltika” – is located in Vilkaviskis, Lithuania, 18 km to Russian and 30 km to Polish boarders. We suggest You to join our customers circle and start business in the fur market without fear, because Your skins dressed in “CIPEL Baltika” will have big demand between fur buyers and tailors in Europe, Russia and China. Today to stay competitive we must have high quality goods with the reasonable prices. We are suggesting You this combination.